HorseSense Testimonials

“Working with the horses and with the entire management was real fun and we took much use out of it for our business relation. You can learn so much from the horses which will help you in your regular life! Corina and Ralf are a very inspiring couple and I would do the training anytime again!”

Matthias Voss

Director Engine Production, MTU Maintenance Canada

“The experience with the horses was fabulous!  Initially I was very nervous because I had never worked with horses before and I felt the horse was so strong and powerful.  However, Corina was very reassuring, and I trusted her instruction and gradually started to feel more comfortable with every minute of working with the horse.  I realized that the horse absolutely mirrored my leadership style!  That if I wanted to be a good leader there were certain approaches to behavior I would need to change.”

Jenny Dyall

Student Support Specialist, Algonquin College

“Corina understands how to make you feel safe and comfortable interacting with the horses, even when you are not used to being around them in the beginning. The program will provide you with a great insight into the effects of your own behavior and verbal/ non-verbal communication on others around you. The horses are a great catalyst to visualize how your environment resonates to your own attitude and energy. The course is not only professionally run by the Holzapfels, but it is also fun and takes your mind of the city buzz.”

Felix Jueterbock

Recruiting Manager

“My time at the Team Power Training allowed me to see things about myself that I never realized before interacting with her horses. During the training sessions, it took no time at all to see Corina’s and Ralf’s experience and knowledge with the horses. It was a priceless experience that helped all of our team members become aware of themselves and how one reacts in a team environment. I would recommend their training sessions to any work team looking to improve communication and share a fantastic experience together.”

Adam Briglio

Key Account Manager

“I really liked the aspect of getting away from the office and participating in the training together with my teammates. That way, you get to know people a lot better. I think it’s a great team building program – if there are relationship issues in a team it can really help to expose and resolve some issues. Also, the forcefulness, or the decisiveness of a leader is exposed when you start working with a horse. You’re either bashful or you take the leadership position. And I think this shows who is a good leader and who is not a good leader and what you need to work on. My biggest takeaway was that I learned that if you don’t have a clear leader in a team and also clearly defined roles, a team cannot function very well.”

Jason Elliott

Mechanical Engineering Manager

“The biggest surprise for me was to find out how horses are relevant to managers and how they taught me how clear I need to be when I give instructions. Every horse has a different personality just like people and you just cannot use the same technique with everybody. I also learned that you have to be persuasive as a leader and that your leadership style has to be adjusted to who you are leading. The training was a good use of our time and it was very well- organized. I was able to understand the personalities of my teammates better by seeing them working with the horses. My biggest challenge was to understand my own body language and  how my level of energy influences others. The horses were really straightforward and made it very clear to me.  This was a good learning experience and is something I can use in my team.”

Antonio Mantilla

Project Manager, Renewable Energy

“Before the training I was concerned that I spend a day and half of my time and not get any value out of it. But during the training I quickly found out that dealing with the horses is a great metaphor for a lot of business situations. My biggest a-ha moment was how much clear direction you need to give to the horses in order to get them to do what you want. The horses really get confused by a leader who provides weak direction. I liked having the opportunity to have a discussion with the team in a different setting and not about immediate concerns. The training has reinforced for me that people just like horses have very different personalities and you need to treat each of them differently and need a different range of tools for them. It is also a good opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and I highly recommend learning about leadership skills using the horse as a proxy.”

Paul Hartley

Software Development Manager

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