HorseSense360 offers professional equine-assisted leadership training programs for business owners, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.

Available for individual leaders or small groups, this program will transform the way you connect, communicate, and lead your team.

Every horse herd has a natural leader who guides the other horses to food and water and protects them from danger.

When humans lead horses, our leadership strengths and weaknesses become strikingly clear. The horses demand we communicate clearly and confidently, keeping our body language and emotions in check. These lessons have infinite applications in business.

Some signs that your company could benefit from the Spirit of Leadership training:

Team members are under-delivering, and productivity is lagging.

Some team members seem disengaged, or they’re actively looking for opportunities outside of the company.
Leaders are taking on tasks that should be delegated to others.
You feel that if everybody in the company trusted each other more and communicated more openly you’d be more productive and successful.

Workshop Details

This in-person workshop combines theory and one-on-one training with horses.

The Spirit of Leadership training is either facilitated as a 1-2-day workshop for individual leaders or small groups, or as a 2-3-day workshop for corporate groups of up to 12 people. After an initial session in the country boardroom, each person has the opportunity to experience multiple one-on-one training sessions with a horse, where they learn about their personality and leadership style.

Rather than riding the horses, you’ll be asked to connect and communicate with them, guiding the horses through a series of exercises and commands. Through this experience, you and your colleagues will develop a more complex understanding of the range of leadership styles and the nature of leadership itself.

We also offer an optional package of coaching sessions to help you integrate what you’ve learned into your work life.

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