Leadership and Team Development

HorseSense360 is a training and consulting company that specializes in scientifically proven approaches to leadership and team development.

We help leaders and their teams build self-awareness and improve their communication skills through equine-assisted leadership training, team development workshops, and mindfulness retreats at our ranch in the Cariboo region of BC.

You might be wondering, what do horses have to do with leadership?

You work with the horses.

In our equine-assisted programs, you don’t ride the horses and we won’t put you to work on the ranch.


of leaders experience that the equine assisted learning has a sustainable/ long term impact on their leadership style.


of leaders say that the experience working with horses is very useful in their day to day business.


of leaders say that working with horses helped them developing their self – awareness.

With our service,
we helped


clients in the last 9 years

In Germany, our home country, this concept is successful and popular.

Horse-assisted training is based on experiential learning. While working with the horses, you engage your rational as well as your emotional brain, causing learning outcomes to become anchored in your mind.


“Working with the horses and with the entire management was real fun and we took much use out of it for our business relation. You can learn so much from the horses which will help you in your regular life! Corina and Ralf are a very inspiring couple and I would do the training anytime again!”

Matthias Voss

Director Engine Production, MTU Maintenance Canada

“The experience with the horses was fabulous!  Initially I was very nervous because I had never worked with horses before and I felt the horse was so strong and powerful.  However, Corina was very reassuring, and I trusted her instruction and gradually started to feel more comfortable with every minute of working with the horse.  I realized that the horse absolutely mirrored my leadership style!  That if I wanted to be a good leader there were certain approaches to behavior I would need to change.”

Jenny Dyall

Student Support Specialist, Algonquin College

Our Team

Corina Holzapfel

Corina has over 30 years of experience with horses. She’s always been passionate about building close relationships with horses and training them based on non-violent natural horsemanship principles. She is a certified life coach, a master equine assisted coach, a classical yoga and meditation teacher and a former naturopath.

Ralf Holzapfel

Ralf has been a corporate leader for over 30 years. He has led companies with over 200 employees and millions in yearly revenue. Learning from horses became his passion after he visited his first equine-assisted leadership training in Germany in 2007.

By improving his leadership style, he was able to decrease the turnover rate at his company from 40% to almost 0%, while increasing revenue by over 50% within only one year. Horses have helped him become more aware about the impact of his personality on people and how a kind but firm leadership style leads to massive results.

Over the course of the last 10 years, Corina and Ralf have helped numerous corporate executives, managers and business owners become better leaders. Together with their horse team, they teach leaders self-awareness, effective team communication, how to build outstanding companies and great work cultures.


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