Self-awareness and Leadership with Horses (open workshop)


An incredible experience for corporate leaders to reflect on their personality and skills.


Learning with horses requires 100% focus, mindfulness, and self-awareness. During this workshop, you will come in contact with yourself and your skills on a very deep level. Horses embody power, strength, courage,  beauty, freedom, and pride. While connecting with horses they tend to mirror our internal attitudes and outward expression in a way so that we can reflect on our personality, our strengths, and weaknesses and spark changes in our behavior towards ourselves and others. This form of learning (experiential exercises) has proven to be one of the most effective tools for personal and professional growth.

This is an open workshop for corporate leaders, business owners, and executives.Workshop Participant


June 12-13, 2020 (9am-7pm on the first day;  9am – 3pm on the second day)

Sept 18-19, 2020 (9am-7pm on the first day;  9am – 3pm on the second day)


Wanderlust & Wilderness Ranch, 100 Mile House, B.C.


CAD $790.00 plus tax  (includes 2x lunch, 1x dinner, and snacks/ coffee breaks; excludes accommodation and travel; there are many hotels, b&bs, and resorts in close proximity )

Maximum number of participants: 6

Corporate Leadership- and Team Workshops


Horse assisted leadership and team training have been known to be a highly valuable tool for improving corporate culture, leadership skills, and team communication.

Experiential learning exercises with horses via 1:1 work (human-horse interaction) and in groups demand critical thinking, mindful leadership skills and effective communication, and foster creativity and team spirit.

Through feedback and coaching, the learning outcomes will be directly transferred to actions and behavior in the workplace.

We facilitate two- to four-day workshops for your corporate group depending on your group size and your unique needs. Group Hands UpImg 1545